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Best Books of 2022

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Ah yes. Words on paper. I have seen words and now i will use other words to vaguely describe them. I don't know why, comrade! 10. Georgias - Plato The equivalent of cross town gangs getting into a street fight. Except its self described deep thinkers hurling lines of thought and deflection at each other to determine who the true bullshitter really is. Use these methods to spot crypto scammers before cementing their paywalls. 9. The Nose - Gogol This falls into the ancient tradition of taking a dumb idea and making it good. I respect it deeply. In short, this is about a man randomly losing his nose. And seeing it strolling around town in a frock coat. Chasing it down. Etc. It is dumb. Yet somehow lines like this end up fitting in seamlessly: "But nothing is lasting in this world. Even joy begins to fade after

only one minute. Two minutes later, and it is weaker still, until

finally it is swallowed up in our everyday, prosaic state of mind,

just as a ripple made by a pebble gradually merges with the

smooth surface of the water." This dude Gogol has one of most the most unique styles on the market. Famous for burning his masterpiece manuscripts, it's interesting he had no problem publishing the Nose. Dan Harmon is the current master of this format (see compelling characters Tony Toilet, Piss Master and Mr PoopyButthole) All the good ideas have been done. So take a dumb idea and make it good. 8. The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath Idea - Author invents a character to represent themselves and simulate their life. The book is their raw perspective with a tiny buffer of "fiction". Included is the best analogy i've heard this year. The fig tree. The figs are all your potential life paths. You can only take one fig. The choice is terrifying. So you wait, and slowly the figs dry up and fall to your feet. You end up choosing nothing and wasting your life in indecision. Relatable! You can tell this book is authentic. Her actual thoughts and feelings. This year I've found the idea of purpose compelling. When a creator has a reason for making the thing. This is somewhat intangible. But you can sense it. And this book has it. Compare the radio pop song of the month to a song that means something to you for an example. When the creation comes from a place of authenticity you can feel it. And it is good almost regardless of execution. Making things for the sake of it is fine, but it is uninteresting to me now. 7. Letter to my Father - Kafka The daddy issues icon speaks. A hall of fame writer channels his skill to intricately describe the social dynamics of his family which deeply scarred him for life. Pretty neat! This idea is interesting in any circumstance. The infinite depth of human experience. 6. The apology of socrates - Plato Incredible moment of history. One of earths most iconic thinkers and speakers defends himself in court for his life. Endless conclusions can and have been drawn from this event. The moral template for fighting against corruption and sacrificing for truth on display. Thankful this 2400 year old event lives on. 5. Augustus - J. Will. Still not entirely sure what to make of this. It could definitely be higher. One day I may look back and think #5 was a disservice. Typically I find the wikipedia style of historical writing boring. Rulers and overthrows and wars and new rulers and the endless revolving door of who got to collect taxes for a few years, meh. Often this is because from a distant view they all look the same. Take power, kill someone, get killed, lose power, repeat. But the specifics are interesting. It is part of the reason Game of Throne's imaginary politics captures mass attention. The schemes and social dynamics are fascinating. The specifics are masterfully provided here. It has the setup as many epics before it. A young main character, a group of unlikely fully devoted sidekicks, a primary goal, clearly defined enemies, etc. The setup is essentially real life lord of the rings. An epic tale perfectly told. I am talking myself into moving it higher but dear reader I will live with the regret! 4. Symposium - Plat0 Timeless human tradition. A dinner party with friends. Here a bunch of homies get together to drink heavily and shout their takes about love and existence into the void! Have your own symposium dear readers, the ability to endlessly shout nonsense is what separates us from nematodes. 3. Grapes of Wrath - Steiny Yeah yeah its a classic everyone knows. This thing infected my consciousness. I still speak at times uncontrollably with a southern drawl. My friend group has seamlessly incorporated the iconic line "Fellas got a right...." into daily life. You don't need me to tell you why this book is beautiful. I will say is was more experimental than I expected. Here is an entire chapter describing a turtle. Here's one describing a used car salesman. Geeze ma, you ever summarized a classic before? 2. Stoner - John Williams Flawless writing about a "normal" dude. The life story of a guy doing his best. I think it is a silly to assume anyone is something other than normal, or that there are normal and non-normal people. To know William Stoner in real life would be as unremarkable as a broken urinal. Yet this book proves every human is fascinating. Take a look and you will find beauty every time. Stoner is the peak example. I love this imaginary dude. Thats my boy. Perfectly human. It is the simple life story of an ordinary dude. Content Creg said it well, "Stoner was so unique because it wasn't" 1. Notes from the Underground - Fydo No doubter. Again, the thoughts of an ordinary person. This time from a guy who might be viewed as the antisocial asshole as work. Or the unlikable outcast in school. Here is his perspective. It will make as much sense to you as your own. Another human shouting their brand of nonsense into the void. Desperately justifying and reframing existence in a way that makes continuing seem worth it. He's just like me. You will relate deeply to this outcast despite outwardly being nothing like him. Fydo continues padding stats on his GOAT resume. Good lord. Every word in this stings. A troubled soul put on full display. Shamelessly. His main point is he holds nothing back and shares his flawed perspective with 100% honestly. Until next time comrades. Stay frothy. Brewer

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