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Luigi's Mansion 3 Top 5 Ghosts

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Christmas morning 2001, just a 6-year-old lad eagerly waiting his turn to open a gift. Rubbing my hands on my legs like sandpaper just trying to burn that nervous energy. Slowly passed to me a gift that is in the shape of a GameCube case, peeling back that wrapping paper and this gem is what is underneath it.

For 18 years after, I have adored the game, waiting for a worthy successor in the franchise. Buying Luigi's Mansion 3 the day it was released, beating it the same weekend, I realized yup I am home again back with my friends sucking up some motherfuckin' ghosts. The game was such a joy to play, that over this

holiday I decided to give it another run through. The game is a breezy haunted dream. Luigi making his classic frightening noises, going through an array of interesting floors. Nintendo took its time with this one with all of the details and gems spread around the spooky hotel. What I realized was on my second run-through is that I was actually excited to see my adversaries again. The ghosts are just the homies. Feel almost bad about getting that ass, but we persevere! So here are my Top 5 Ghost of Luigi's Mansion 3 decided by their vibe, their name, and the fight that ensued!


5 - King MacFrights

I don't know man. Maybe it's still the hangover from Game of Thrones, but I was ready to kick some royal ass. The fight was decent using the plunger as your royal majesty tries to joust you. Being in an arena filled with ghosts in the audience gave it a spooky homage to

Gladiator as I made their king my bitch. King MacFrights did not put up much a fight, I doubt most politicians would — zing. He made the top 5 because I am a sucker for a good voyage into a castle.

4 - Serpci

This Indiana Jones/The Mummy vibe was killer. Her setting traps, getting stuck in a temple, and then fighting her out in some sand tunes was just some classic Steven Spielberg shit. I don't think you are supposed to say you are attracted to a video game ghost, but if I somehow got stuck inside a Nintendo, I would definitely try to hit Serpci up. A little bit of sass, a little bit of evil, and looking to destroy my life, she is just my type.

3 - Dj Phantasmagoria

No fucking clue as to why Hellen Gravely would pick a Dj to safeguard the last hotel button before the final boss, but it was chill. Luigi even can't help to snap his fingers when he is on the dance floor. Dj Phantasmagaloira has her own ghost dance group, she throws vinyl records to kill you, and a groovy rendition of the Luigi's Mansion theme song is playing the whole time. It was just a nice break in the game heading up into a dance club before the game attempted to be a little challenging with the final two bosses.

2 - Amadeus Wolfgeist

Amadeus Wolfgeist is easily the best name in the game. This guy was just trying to work on his craft, play his music. I am not even upset this guy tried to kill him. The piano player just minding his own god damn business. One of the coolest easter eggs in the game is bringing back the mad piano from Super Mario 64 That son of a bitch was one of the first jumps scares I had in a video game. He looks a little more cleaned up, but it still a nice touch for Nintendo to pay respects to one of the goats. As you cannot actually kill it in Super Mario 64, it was nice to finally duke it out

1 - Morty

Why is everyone named Morty the best? This guy was just perfect. The fact that he does not want to harm you at all, he just wants to make films. You do not even have to suck him up it is optional. You go through a series of mini-movies until he puts you in his "Citizen Kane." Then the dude just gives you the elevator button and goes on to start editing. He does not give a fuck about hurting people, he knows his passion and nothing else matters. Fun fact if you return to Morty, you can actually watch the film when he is done editing or if you have no soul and decide to suck him up, Luigi instead of celebrating expresses guilt. Morty is the goat.

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