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Post Movie Group Chat: Ride the Eagle

On Monday we all nominate a movie and pitch it. The following day we vote and consume. The next day or two we will dissect the film is sometimes in light and other times more in-depth ways.

The winner of this week was Ride the Eagle (2021) Directed by Trent O'Donnell and written by O'Donnell and Jake Johnson. A story of a man in his early 40's finding how that his estranged mother has passed away. She left that little homie for a cult in his impressionable years. Her last request is for him to complete some tasks before she is willing to give him her cabin. Johnson and O'Donnell wrote this script together as a passion project. A breezy indie film with the beats and tones one would expect from a moving picture like this. Let's see how we felt about this flick.

In 5 words or less, how did the movie make you feel?

Craig: Jealous of location.

Nate: Overjoyed with possibilities in life

Smoky: The movie made me feel…

In 15 words or less sell the movie

Craig: Jake Johnson given space to be the weird, neurotic, hilarious Jake Johnson that he is

Nate: Cute, feel-good story that provides worthwhile chuckles.

Smoky: Okay, just imagine Nick Miller trying to survive in the woods, but also there’s a strange man who is out to get him.

Does Jake Johnson’s character have too little Nick Miller, Too much Nick Miller, or just enough?

Craig: Chicken or The Egg. I can’t tell if jake johnson was playing himself in New Girl or He plays a Nick Miller type in every movie. Either way, he is phenomenal at portraying that type of character. His facial expression and reactions are OP.

Nate: Just enough. Jake Johnson is Nick Miller so you can tell it is almost impossible for him not to provide some Nick qualities in other characters he plays. I felt more emotion in Leif, though.

Smoky: I think every character Jake Johnson plays is just enough Jake Johnson.

Double Feature Night: What movie do you think would be paired well with this?

Craig: Safety Not Guaranteed. Jake Johnson’s best film. Similar themes of growing up with regret and attempting to feel alive in the now. I think Jake works the best as a role player though.

Nate: Palm Springs. Another movie with one of my favorite actors, Andy Samberg, provides feel-good storytelling. Palm Springs has a bit more action in it to keep ya awake. J.K. Simmons plays almost the same character in this movie, too.

Smoky: This is the PERFECT movie to watch after like a scary movie. So I’m gonna say this pairs nicely with Insidious.

Choose two lines from the movie that stands out.


“I am in a band with some super talented kid. It’s called restaurant.”

*Leif and Audrey talking about doing phone sex

Leif: Fuck it. Let’s do it. But I just want to say right off the bat. I don’t think we are going to be good at it.

Perfect Jake Johnson delivery.


“If you don’t come right now you are going to have two dead rabbits, a dead dog and a dead man on your hands!”

“What is with you and the aggressive compliments!? It is really weird, man!”

Smoky: Honestly, I was high and can’t recall a single quote, but I liked the part when the neighbor was calling Leif a fuckboy and Leif took it as a compliment.

Ask an answerable question

Craig: How did his mom afford that boujee ass cabin?

Nate: Does Leif ever go fishing with JK Simmons?

Smoky: Is Honey even dead? Kinda seems like she faked her death. Anything to get out of a relationship, amiright?

The biggest takeaway from the movie?

Craig: Let go - Forgive - Move on -

Nate: Being a good actor should be based on how well you can act with a dog.

Smoky: Biggest takeaway is reaffirming my mantra which is: it doesn’t really matter.

Will Audrey and Lief work out?

Craig: Fuck no. This dude does not have a job and she was laughing at his band. She owns a food processor. They are having hot and heavy sex for two weeks, it will fizzle out in a month.

Nate: I think so. They seem to be weirdly on the same path in life, so why not walk it together.

Smoky: It sounds like they’re both willing to give it a chance!

Is Restaurant a good band name? What should Lief’s new band name be?


Oh yeah.

Nora Novice


Top tier. Add it to the list Brewer!



I just saw Microwave last week so I’d say anything goes, really.

It depends on what kinda music he’s playing. Punk band could be called Dead Eagle, but if it’s just him playing the bongos I would call it the Nack Mohnson experience

MVP of the movie?

Craig: Nora the dog

Nate: The hiker that approaches Leif’s eulogy to his mother.

Smoky: MVP? More like WFL (worst fuggin landlord).

But foreal, Gorka was varying the team on his back. Just putting in the work.

Nitpicks of the movie

Craig: I feel like the movie fell into a lot of trope territory. Washed up dude, calls a girl who has her life together. Making seems like monogamy and marriage will save his life. (Which is fine) It just seems a little too obvious.

I am okay with having a gimmick presence with the will request, but the tone seemed all over the place. It just didn’t seem like it knew where it wanted to go.

When things would eventually get deep it would undercut with some humor that was hit and miss. This could be an analogy for Lief not being able to open up emotionally to the end of the movie, but it mostly seems like it played for cheap laughs.

I really enjoyed the film, I love anything Jake Johnson does. Everything seemed like it could have gone just a tad bit deeper.

Nate: N/A. This movie was made by two friends who just wanted to create something together during an uncertain time. They weren’t out here tryna get muhfuggins scholarships!

Smoky: Ya know, I had a feeling that the dog was gone for good. Could’ve gotten eaten by a mountain lion IDK. I didn’t really like how she just disappeared in the first place, but they set it up for Carl to find her and bring her back. Good guy. Nice gesture.

Give it any type of rating

Craig: OOO WEEE A lot of Jelly in this coffee.

Nate: Out of the 7 movies I’ve seen starring Jake Johnson, I’ll put this one at 4.

Smoky: 1 dead mom’s half-smoked joint

Cheers - MPC

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