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The Dirty Mac - Yer Blues

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

This youtube video is so good it needs it's own post. The video features the only recorded performance from a band called The Dirty Mac. The Dirty Mac has one of the most talented lineups ever assembled: John Lennon - vocals, rhythm guitar Eric Clapton - lead guitar Keith Richards - bass Mitch Mitchell - drums This happened in 1968, each member is near their creative peak. This was the same year the Beatles released the White Album, Stones released Some Girls, Hendrix released Electric Ladyland (Mitchell was Hendrix's drummer), Clapton was commonly referred as 'god' They play Yer Blues, a criminally underrated Beatles song. It's better than the original. These bastards sound like they've been playing together for years, even though it was a complete one-off performance for the Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus. The footage & audio is incredibly high quality for being 50+ years old. Without further hyping, here's the link: What else is there to say? A special moment in time, captured in high definition, living on somehow available for free on YouTube. I could pick apart the performance and highlight certain moments, but it all just works so well there's really no need. An easy HoF performance for me. The Dirty Mac. Forever. Farewell, -Brewer

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